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Le hêtre de Kervinihy-transp.JPG

Artistic 3D point clouds

Remarkable trees

I've developed a speciality in 3D scanning of the most spectacular trees. Every winter, I go out into the forests early in the morning to meet these monuments that have stood the test of time.
They are currently in danger: climate, pollution, poor habitat management, too many visitors compacting the soil.
Some have survived, like the Ponthus Beech, of which I have the only 3D capture.
I offer high-definition printing on a variety of media for both private and corporate clients.

All visuals on this page are generated directly from 3D point clouds.
Contact me for any request.

Other creations

I create visuals from any 3D scanning campaign. I can also do so from scans made by others, provided they are of sufficiently high quality.


Free wallpapers

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