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The art of 3D scanning

  • 3D laser scanning, modeling,

  • Technical assistance,

  • Technical analysis,

  • Visuals and art prints.

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My background

For over twelve years, I've been carrying out 3D laser scanner surveys in all kinds of AEC and industrial environments.
As an engineer, I first worked in HVAC and then in industrial refrigeration, before getting into 3D laser scanning in 2011.
My experience enables me to tackle any type of industrial project. The 3D reality capture data I deliver is detailed, precise and perfectly adapted to your industrial revamping & remodeling projects.
I also work on more traditional projects, in particular heritage buildings.
Finally, I offer a unique service that combines the usefulness of surveying with the artistic creation of visuals from 3D point clouds.

3D laser scanning and modeling services

Preferred sectors: industrial facilities, energy production, complex structures, industrial piping, remarkable trees.
My principle is always to provide the 3D point clouds for the operations performed.
My point clouds are perfectly aligned, cleaned and have a high visual quality.
The models supplied follow your exact requirements in terms of level of detail. I work with experienced CAD / BIM modelers and deliver models in all major formats (rvt, dwg, step, ifc).
The benefits for you: optimized design right from the pre-project stage, fewer site hazards, and savings that can exceed 5% of your project.
My references: some of the biggest names in the food, aeronautics, automotive and energy industries.
Equipment used: laser scanner Faro S70.


For large-scale operations (complete sites) requiring the use of several scanners and surveying equipment (total station, GPS), I'll help you select the best service provider and check the data.
There are many service providers out there, and you shouldn't consult just anyone, or you risk ending up with unusable data (which unfortunately often happens).
3D scanning is still a new business, with no real specifications, and one that falls outside the scope of construction budgets.
My support will help you to see things more clearly, and to better tackle future campaigns.
If you've decided to invest in a 3D laser scanner, in particular a Faro brand, I'll be happy to advise you and share my experience to help you get up and running quickly.

Technical studies

Scanning is one thing, using the data is another. I carry out all types of geometric analysis for you: parallelism (overhead cranes, structures), deformations (slab flatness, etc.), verticality, horizontality.
I also study cases more related to thermics and fluids.

Visuals and art prints

Here, I distinguish myself by producing high-quality visuals to accompany projects. 
I use 3D the point clouds to create ultra-high-definition images for presentations, corporate decor or customer gifts.
I also create video sequences for virtual tours. Even with my industrial scans, I try to bring an aesthetic dimension and evoke emotion in my customers when they view my scans and images.
You may already know me from my images of remarkable trees (see the Creations section).

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